IT Service Management (ITSM) Report Card

IT Services Quiz

  1. Does IT understand your organization’s business goals and objectives? Are IT operations aligned with those objectives?
  2. Does IT operate in a manner that is transparent to stakeholders and customers?
  3. Does IT provide exceptional, cost-effective customer service using accepted industry standards?
  4. Are stakeholders (end users, line of business department heads and management) consulted and informed about IT initiatives and activities?
  5. Do IT initiatives routinely deliver the promised results, ROI and TCO?
  6. Does IT routinely provide reports and statistics on service quality and availability to management?
  7. Does IT maintain auditable records that demonstrate the effectiveness of their performance?
  8. Does IT support the organization by complying with all applicable regulatory requirements?
  9. Is IT resilient enough to recover quickly from a major disaster and restore operations quickly?
  10. Does your governing body (i.e. Board of Directors, County Commission, City Council) demonstrate its commitment to high-quality IT services by providing clear direction, guidance and support?

If you didn’t answer YES to all these questions, keep reading.

You can fix it!

The IT Service Management Report Card is a review of your organization’s IT management and services based on ISO/IEC 20000 that includes the following:

  • Web workshop & Kickoff Meeting with stakeholders
  • End-user/customer service survey
  • IT staff and management survey, interviews and web workshop
  • Assessment of services against ISO/IEC 20000
  • Final deliverable is a detailed report with recommendations for improvement

How to get started

  1. e-mail us for a quote/SOW.
  2. We’ll send you a Statement of Work with an NDA (Non disclosure agreement). Sign it and return with a purchase order.
  3. We will promptly schedule a web workshop to gather information.
  4. We will discuss your concerns and complete a brief survey in order to understand your organization’s requirements.

Who should be involved?

Quality of service is defined by the customer rather than the provider and stakeholders including board level decision makers, executives, directors and end users all have important roles in determining what your IT services should look like. A small committee of key stakeholders from all these groups should be established to follow the assessment process from inception to delivery of the final report.

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