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Download our free HIPAA risk assessment tool in Excel. This is a free, 25-point checkup to assess your organization's information security practices, policies, procedures, and risk. It is a scaled-down version of our comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment tool.

Complete the form below, click submit, and you will be taken directly to the download page. You can complete the assessment with your team in privacy and find out immediately if your organization's information and cybersecurity practices are up to snuff. You are welcome to call us if you want assistance in interpreting the results and we'll go over them with you at no charge.

Standards-Based Information and Cybersecurity

Does your organization have a standards-based cybersecurity program? How do you know?

Are you compliant with all relevant HIPAA regulations? How do you know?

Conducting a periodic risk assessment is the cornerstone of a good information security program. A formal, comprehensive risk assessment is the only way you can find out if your organization is in compliance and it's also a requirement of HIPAA as well as every other standards-based security framework.

With 16 years of experience working with HIPAA, we have developed streamlined methods for risk assessment and policy development that are considerably less expensive than the same services offered by large consulting firms.