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Do you have a special project but no staff or time to manage it? We have experience with a wide array of projects and we get projects done - on time and on budget.

Unless you run a very large organization, you don't have a dedicated staff of project managers with decades of experience that includes a diverse portfolio of successful projects. Moreover, managing even a relatively small project can take hundreds of hours spread over several months or longer. Your full-time staff members already have jobs and probably don't have the time to take on 10 - 40 hours a week for an extended period of time.

Once the project has reached a successful conclusion, you don't need the project manager anymore, so hiring an FTE is out of the question. Plus, the learning curve on some types of projects is enormous, so optimal performance for a newly-minted, part-time project manager may not occur during his or her first big project.

We help manage projects from inception to a successful conclusion including strategic planning, documentation, research, RFP or RFQ, vendor management, contract administration, coordination with your legal counsel, SOWs, SLAs, and more. We practice radical transparency and ensure that all the stakeholders are identified and kept informed throughout the project lifecycle.

Projects we have managed include

  • Enterprise Software Procurement & Implementation
  • Infrastructure Procurement & Implementation
  • Analysis of troubled projects and project rescue services
  • Policy and program development
  • Reorganization of IT services
  • Vendor & contract management

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