Transformational business and technology management services for Government and SMBs

e-volve provides enterprise-class, information technology and business management services for county and municipal governments and SMBs.

Call or e-mail us. We help clients improve quality of services while lowering costs and reducing risk.

Information Security & Cybersecurity

We provide a full range of security services including audits, risk assessments and policy development


Fixed Rate Services on Deliverables

Standard, packaged services are bundled for a fixed rate based on deliverables with no hidden charges and every service can be customized


IT Governance and IT Service Management (ITSM)

We help clients improve IT services and lower costs using standards and best practices including ITIL, ISO20000, and COBIT.


Specialization in County & Municipal Government

We specialize in County and Municipal government and have 30 years of experience with public sector operations.


Enterprise software procurement

We use a rigorous methodology for enterprise procurement projects that reduces the risk of cost overruns and failure.


Systems and Network Infrastructure

We provide guidance on design and procurement of systems and network architecture, SLAs and contracted services.


Project Management & Oversight

Need help with a special project? We can help and we get things done. We take on special projects, research and more.


CIO - CDO - CISO Services

Don't have a CIO, CISO, or CDO? We can provide these services on a contract basis and provide C-Level guidance at a fraction of the cost.



Information security using ISO/IEC 27001

Watch my video on ISO/IEC 27001

In this video, I cover the basics of building an information security program on ISO/IEC 27001.


Is my dog smarter than a CEO?

Watch my video on the Equifax data breach

In this video, I cover some outrageous facts about the Equifax data breach and show you how my dog, Cooper, appears to know more about InfoSec than highly paid executives. 


Building a county information security program on HIPAA

Watch my video on building a county/municipal security program on the HIPAA security rule

In this 5-minute video, I cover the basics of using  the HIPAA security rule to creat your county/municipal security program.