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County and Municipal Executive's Guide to Cybersecurity

What should every county and municipal executive know about cybersecurity? Download our free guide - County and Municipal Executive's Guide to Cybersecurity.


How do you know if your local government has a real cybersecurity program and how can you build one from the ground up?

Knowledge sharing for local governments

Download our informative, free guides for county and municipal governments covering a number of topics. This is all must-know information for county and municipal executives, directors, and managers.


Our 2017 whitepaper on the state of cybersecurity in local government first published on

The essentials of cybersecurity for attorneys.

Our 28-minute video on cyber risk in local government.

The landscape of local government

Counties and municipalities are complex organizations with dozens of diverse lines of business. There are always ongoing enterprise and departmental projects in local government and each of these projects presents its own set of challenges. Departmental projects like 311 systems, zoning and code enforcement, new financial systems, infrastructure upgrades, cybersecurity, public and mental health projects all require careful thought if they are going to produce measurable results. There are many questions to answer. Is your tech up to date? Do you have the right people in place? Are there issues with regulatory compliance? What's the TCO and ROI? How do you control costs while maintaining high-quality services?

How we can help

We can help answer these questions and many others. We understand the need for local governments to provide high-quality, financially sustainable services.

We use our expertise to:

  • Assess and evaluate business processes and resolve business process challenges. 
  • Assist with procurement of enterprise and departmental software.
  • Analyze information security policies and develop comprehensive cybersecurity plans.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Outsourcing and service level agreements
  • Provide project management oversight for complex projects.
  • Assist with regulatory compliance issues.
  • Evaluate, assess and re-engineer services.
  • IT assessment and reorganization.

We have over 25 years of experience working with local governments and we work with legislatures, county commissioners, municipal councils, and utility authorities to ensure departmental and executive goals are met. We have worked with county recorders, public and mental health directors, IT departments, county and city attorneys, voter registration, HR departments, finance and accounting, social services, probation, law enforcement, public works, facilities, and many others to help organizations achieve their business objectives.

We work anywhere in the continental United States and will gladly come on site to work on your project. However, communication tools for online meetings enable us to often complete projects remotely saving a great deal of money. You can get the same result with a much lower cost.

Give us a call to discuss what's going on with your local government operation even if you just want to run something by us. We truly understand the culture of local governments as well as their special needs and requirements.

Local government projects we have worked on:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Court Case Management
  • Property Tax Billing and Collection
  • Water and Sewer billing systems
  • Public Safety
  • ERMS (Electronic Records Management) County clerks, prothonotaries, etc.
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management)
  • Digitization projects
  • Zoning and code enforcement
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Parts and inventory
  • Transportation
  • Network infrastructure makeovers and replacements
  • IT Assessments, audits, and reorganizations
  • Business process assessments
  • Project management and implementation
  • Research and special projects
  • Information and Cyber Security policy, procedure, audits, and assessments
  • CIO hiring & Interim CIO

Low-cost service packages for local governments

While we often work on complex, long-term projects for local governments, we have developed a number of low-cost, entry-level services for local governments we can deliver quickly. We deliver many of these as team workshops over webinars.

Cyber Risk Assessments

Cyber Risk AssessmentsWe've developed proprietary, unaudited cyber risk assessments based on internationally recognized standards and best practices. In this two-hour cyber risk webinar, we'll identify and document major cyber risks you are facing. The deliverable is a color-coded risk report with actionable information for remediation.

IT Services Assessment

Our two-hour IT services assessment is based on widely accepted standards and best practices, We'll help you assess your IT services, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and make recommendations for improving quality, lowering costs, mitigating risk, and aligning your services with your business objectives.

Security Policy Workshop

In this multi-session workshop, we work through the process of developing a comprehensive security policy, a set of procedures, and a RACI matrix so that responsibilities for information security are defined at every level of your organization.  We recommend a multidisciplinary team attend the workshops.

Custom Workshops

Don't see what you're looking for here? We'll create a custom workshop for your team. We can help you and your team with business process analysis, visioning and brainstorming, resource and capacity planning, hiring, gap assessments. We'll be happy to come on site and work with your team in-person.

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