Executive Advisory Services

Smaller organizations, local governments, and behavioral health CBOs often can't justify the cost of a CIO (Chief Information Officer), CDO (Chief Digital Officer), or CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). We've seen many cases where organizations rely on computer and network technicians for strategic business and management advice and it doesn't always work out. The strategic approach to business problems that a good C-level executive can provide can save even a small organization hundreds of thousands annually by aligning IT services with your business objectives.

We provide your organization with fractional CIO, CDO, CISO services on either a short or long-term basis - by the hour or through a fixed-fee contract for defined services. We're happy to do very short-term hourly work, so test it out before making a commitment! Don't miss the digital transformation.

Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Digital transformation
  • Special projects
  • Business process management and re-engineering
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Alignment of departmental and organizational business goals
  • Departmental reorganizations
  • Interim CIO

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