Cyber Security Report Card

The Cyber Security Report Card is a detailed, holistic study that covers the following:

  • Executive and Management Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Review of security policies, procedures, guidelines and standards
  • Compliance with other best practices
  • Infrastructure review
  • The final deliverable is a report that provides an assessment of your organization’s security program against industry standards as well as recommendation for remediation.

Many vendors are offering Network Security Assessments for free!  However, most security problems don’t come from the network and more than 60% of all security breaches are a result of people, policies and procedures rather than hardware problems. As an experienced business person, you know that nothing is free and our service shouldn’t be confused with these services. We provide a detailed analysis of your entire information security stance based on NIST, HIPAA, and COBIT guidelines.

We don’t sell any hardware or software, so we’re not going to propose to sell you anything as a result of the study.

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