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90 percent of cybersecurity problems are caused by people.

So, why are so many organizations still building their cybersecurity programs on technology?

Ad hoc, tech-centric cybersecurity programs just don't cut it anymore. All major standards and frameworks for cybersecurity recommend a comprehensive approach based on policy, procedure, and participation of executives, boards, and senior managers. If you are an executive, senior manager, or elected official and you aren't involved in and aware of high-level details of your organization's cybersecurity program, your organization simply doesn't have a program. 

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Cybersecurity, cyber risk, and liability in local government

A comprehensive overview of cybersecurity, risk, and liability in local government

What's the state of cybersecurity in county and municipal governments in the United States? In this 28-minute video, I present a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity, risk, and liability in county and municipal government and provide a detailed roadmap for local governments to build more effective cybersecurity programs with little capital investment.



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