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Signup for one of our informative, 60 minute workshops designed for non-IT executives in county and municipal government and small-medium businesses. Up to 5 staff members may attend for one low price.
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HIPAA Security Rule Workshop - $150

Is your organization compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule, 45 CFR Parts 160, 162 and 164? We begin with an open discussion about your HIPAA concerns and walk you through the major components of HIPAA Security Rule compliance in order to identify your organization's risks. We work directly from the regulation text and address questions about compliance requirements and make specific recommendations you can use to get compliant.

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Information Security Policy Workshop

Is your information security program using best practices? Do you have a comprehensive information security policy? We discuss your InfoSec concerns and provide you with tools to improve your information security stance.

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Risk Management Workshop - $150

Have you ever conducted a risk assessment? It is required component of HIPAA and other regulations, and it is a recommended best practice for organizations of all sizes. We walk you through a high-level risk assessment, identify threats and vulnerabilities and provide you with tools to continue the assessment on your own.

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IT Services Management Workshop - $150

Are your IT services spectacular or is your IT staff always putting out fires? We discuss your concerns and propose solutions you can begin to implement immediately in order to align IT services with your business objectives, industry standards and improve the quality of services. 

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Software Procurement Workshop - $150

Is your organization about to embark upon a major enterprise software procurement? Even in relatively small organizations, an enterprise product can easily cost 6-7 figures and cost overruns in such projects are an epidemic. We will help you identify and prioritize business objectives and provide sound advice on building your procurement documents.

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Hiring an IT Director or CIO

Are you in the market for a new IT Director or CIO? What skills does your organization need? What skills should you look for in a CIO or IT Director?

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