What can you accomplish in 6 months?

In six months, Daphney went from an adorable 25-pound lap puppy to an adorable 140-pound lap puppy and managed to get certified as a Star Puppy. Her next goal is to get certified as a therapy dog in the spring!

Think about what you could have done in that six months! Here are a few examples:

  1. Built the foundation for a great, standard's based cybersecurity program.
  2. Lowered your operating costs by reengineering your business processes.
  3. Aligned your Information Technology operations with your organization's business goals. 
  4. Completed a procurement process for a new enterprise software package.

What's your goal for the next six months?

Low-cost service packages

While we often work on complex, long-term projects, we have developed a number of low-cost, entry-level services we can deliver quickly. We provide many of these as team workshops over webinars.

Cyber Risk Assessments

Cyber Risk AssessmentsWe've developed proprietary, unaudited cyber risk assessments based on internationally recognized standards and best practices. In this two-hour cyber risk webinar, we'll identify and document major cyber risks you are facing. The deliverable is a color-coded risk report with actionable information for remediation.

IT Services Assessment

Our two-hour IT services assessment is based on widely accepted standards and best practices, We'll help you assess your IT services, identify gaps and areas for improvement, and make recommendations for improving quality, lowering costs, mitigating risk, and aligning your services with your business objectives.

Security Policy Workshop

In this multi-session workshop, we work through the process of developing a comprehensive security policy, a set of procedures, and a RACI matrix so that responsibilities for information security are defined at every level of your organization.  We recommend a multidisciplinary team attend the workshops.

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